Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sabayon: please read the help!

I've just started using Sabayon Linux (besides Kubuntu) and I'll blog some impressions about that, but first of all, I had to blog this. The command line package manager, equo, seems to be watching you: I was trying to run the upgrade without reading the help, and... well, equo seems to have gotten angry:

localhost ~ # equo --upgrade --pretend
>> You didn't run equo --help, did you?
localhost ~ # equo -upgrade --pretend
>> Did you even read equo --help??
localhost ~ # equo upgrade --pretend
>> I give up. Run that equo --help !!!!!!!
localhost ~ # equo upgrade
>> OH MY GOD. RUN equo --heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
localhost ~ # equo --upgrade
>> Illiteracy is a huge problem in this world
localhost ~ # equo --upgrade
>> Ok i give up, you are hopeless
localhost ~ # equo --upgrade
>> Go to hell.
localhost ~ # equo --upgrade
>> Go to hell.
That's really too funny! :-)

Well done developers, you guys really rock! :-)