Friday, August 07, 2009

Huawei E1692 in Linux Ubuntu Jaunty

I've just tried this Internet device, HUAWEI E1692 with Linux Ubuntu Jaunty, and basically everything worked out fine smoothly. The Internet connection can be established either with the NetworkManager Gnome applet, or using the application that comes with the device. Linux is officially supported with the provided drivers, and basically the installation works fine, thought the instructions provided are not completely correct...

As for the installation, you need to insert the usb device, and the first time, it is recognized as a USB memory storage; you can then access the data stored in the device, where you find a folder with the drivers and the installation script.

Since the installation requires root privileges it is required to run the install script in the Linux folder using the terminal:

cd /media/Alice\ MOBILE\ HW/Linux
sudo ./install

As suggested in this thread, it is better to specify the installation path, even though you're OK with the default one, by simply inserting the full path. The installation should then succeed

Now, you should be able to setup a connection with NetworkManager applet (actually I had another connection setup for the same operator, thus I could simply reused that one).

Now, an icon should be put in your desktop to use the application that ships with the device; however, I couldn't connect using that application link, probably because the application requires root privileges... but it works fine if I start it from a terminal

cd /usr/local/Alice_MOBILE_E1692/
sudo ./MobilePartner

and then you should be able to connect

The nice thing of this application is that you can keep track of your traffic

and you can send SMSs and access your addressbook