Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Problems in restoring Palm

It's not the first time I forgot to recharge my Palm Tungsten E for a long time; usually I manage to recharge it before it's too late, but this time I actually left my palm on (with the gps application running) so it definitely exhausted all its charge and so it went dead.

So I had to restore it, and, in order to avoid reinstalling all the applications, before performing the first synchronization, I had set the synchronization program to overwrite everything on the palm using the backup on my PC, in particular, the application database.

It went fine, but when I restarted the palm (it was required by the synchronization process) I got the scary error message:

DataMgr.c, Line:xxxx, Index out of range

I don't remember the actual line, but this is quite a typical error message, that requires a reset (the palm does not even switch off).

Fortunately, as I said, this error is quite typical, and you find on google with many results. I was lucky enough to find this post on a forum, and the situation looked quite similar to mine.

The problem seems to be caused by the Saved_Preferences.prc file; so, I removed it from the backup folder on my PC, and tried to perform synchronization again (with the above settings, saying to replace all the applications from the backup of my PC into the palm).

It worked! :-)

Of course, my preferences were lost, but at least my palm was up and running again.

Hope I won't have to reinstall the applications again (at least not until the next time I'll forget to recharge the palm ;-)