Friday, September 29, 2006


Hi! I finally took a moment and published my first Blog!
Here I'll post stuff, ideas, news, tips about Computer Programming and Computers in general!

If you see the URL, tronprog, and wonder whether this has something to do with the movie Tron, well... YES! :-)
It's one of my favorite movies ever, and it will always be a cult movie!
I saw it when I was a child at a local cinema. I was already fond of computers, but that movie enhanced my passion even more.

I chose this name, even because TRON was a debugging command in the BASIC programming language; it stands for TRace ON, and it was basically used to start the tracing of a program. Since programming is one of my main passions, and debugging is unavoidable in programming... well... I thought that using tron in the URL was a good idea!

Happy Hacking! :-D


R said...

I really, truly, deeply hoped this was a movie-blog, but... nope! It's about computers!! Why the hell do you put a movie name to a blog when there's nothing about movies in it??? You can't cheat on a girl like this! :oD

Should I start having an interest on programming to write here? Or can I just be the same ol' clown, teasing you anytime?... ;oD

betto said...

so you know the GREAT movie Tron! :-P

as for programming, it wouldn't be bad starting an interest on programming, but... OK, you can post anyway! :-D

R said...

...uh.... well.... I heard about the movie, but... I don't even remember if I saw it or not!... Ok, I'm sure you're going to ban me now!! ;oD

As for the interest on programming, I'll start programming when you'll start painting.... ;oP

betto said...

OK, you didn't see Tron! :-(

I'll make you a backup then :-)

Start painting? I've already recovered all my brushes! :-D

R said...

Need some painting lessons?....... ;oD

betto said...

well... ehm... probably... yes...

R said...

and you have a teacher here.... how much would you pay me? (no rough answers, please! ;oD)

betto said...

ehm... we can detract some of your debts due to the ebay consulting stuff? ;-)