Friday, November 03, 2006

KLcdDimmer: A KDE Applet to adjust LCD brightness

KlcdDimmer is a small KDE panel applet to adjust the LCD brightness; I built it for my laptop, a Sony Vaio, because I still haven't succeeded in making the Fn keys work.

I also built it as an exercise in KDE programming. Actually KDE programming (and especially Qt Programming) is really cool and funny. The Qt libraries are really well done and their mechanism of signal and slots makes programming with events a pleasure (I cannot say the same about Java events, but that's another story ;-) I only wish there could be some more documentation about KDE applet programming...

Notice that this applet relies on an external program to get/set the brightness. For instance, I've used


but it is supposed to work also with others, since you can configure the applet.

The home page of this applet is In case you use it, I hope you like it! KDE rocks!!! :-D


Nuno Zimas said...

A pity it doesn't work on N21M :(
Seems i will have to wait several months more to be able to run Linux on this model.

betto said...

you mean linux does not install on that laptop? or is it klcddimmer that does not work on it?