Monday, March 12, 2007

Unicode problems when emerging Nano

Today I was performing an emerge --update in my Gentoo box and got this error when emerging the editor nano:

*** UTF-8 support was requested, but insufficient UTF-8 support was
*** detected in your curses and/or C libraries. Please verify that your
*** slang was built with UTF-8 support or your curses was built with
*** wide character support, and that your C library was built with wide
*** character support.

The problem was due to the fact that I had added the unicode USE flag and I hadn't re-emerged ncurses.

Thus, re-emerging ncurses and then nano fixed this problem.


Rob said...

this is a fairly simple fix. The problem is the order things are compiled now that unicode is a default. Just emerge ncurses on its own. Once that's done, you should be able to compile nano (or in my case, "world").

betto said...

thanks! :-)