Monday, May 14, 2007

My experience with Kubuntu

I've been experienced for some weeks a crash problems with Eclipse on my Debian installation on my Desktop... I use Debian (and Gentoo) on all my computers (3 desktops and 1 laptop), and this was the only computer showing this problem... unfortunately I haven't been able to solve the problem and so I resorted to reinstall the distribution.

I had tried kubuntu a year ago, and I didn't like it... but I thought I could give it another try, and so, instead of re-installing Debian (I'm using Debian on the other computers after all so I won't miss it), and installed a kubuntu edgy 6.10. Since I definitely don't like Gnome (I never did, and probably never will ;-) while I've always loved the pleasant environment provided by KDE, kubuntu was the only choice, instead of ubuntu.

My first impressions were definitely good: the installation consists of only few steps (although grub by default wants to install itself on the mbr, while I didn't want to touch the mbr, since I'm using Gentoo's installation grub, and it wasn't clear in the beginning how to avoid this) and it's quite smooth.

After the installation I was surprised by the desktop and menus that are quite clean, with only the essential programs; actually I was a little bit disappointed by the lacking of programs I'm used to, such as, e.g., the program for resizing the screen (although there's a similar program in System Settings). Concerning the System Settings program, this seems to replace the standard KDE Control Center, but it lacks some voices such as "themes". You can still call the good ol' KDE Control Center by the terminal, though.

I soon installed the good ol' Synaptic package manager, since I wasn't comfortable with Adept package manager, since it provides too few functionalities and packages (but probably it's more usable for the first time users, so praise for it!). Adept is however very good for update checking and installation. It checks for updates in background and then notifies you if some updates are ready. Installing the updates is also very easy.

What I never liked about (k)ubuntu, and I don't think I ever will, is the fact that you're forced to use sudo, since root shell is disabled... I don't think this enhances security and it's less error prone, but that's just my opinion... In fact, I always use sudo -s that opens a root shell ;-)

Another really great surprise is that, few weeks ago, the adept manager not only notified me about available updates, but also about the update of the whole kubuntu distribution itself!

It offered me to install the update (the new Kubuntu 7.04, codenamed Feisty Fawn), and I didn't refuse :-)

This update takes some time but goes on smoothly

and after the downloading, the installation of the update starts and when it's finished you can simply reboot into your new system!

I then enjoyed my new kubuntu system! I think I'll keep on using kubuntu (of course, together with debian and gentoo :-) since it really looks like a very good distribution (standing on the shoulders of the giants... but it stands very well!)


如月影 said...

At first I don't like KDE because the I'm not sure whether the company will change the license of QT so I just keep using GNOME for quite a while. However I find some apps in GNOME behaves ugly...After I tried KDE I find myself can't resist it any more...
BTW, what do you usually do using eclipse? sometimes I fell it very slow of the eclipse IDE...
Now I find the NetBeans becomes more and more powerful in writing java programs. What's more, it was said that more and more programming language support will be added into...

betto said...

yes the qt license was a bad issue, but not it turned out fine :-)

KDE is not only nicer in the look (yes, this is subjective) but it's also a pleasure to program with (obviously thanks to the qt library)

I use eclipse mainly for Java programming, and I find it irresistible ;-)

I'm also using it for writing LaTeX articles, and lately also for C++ programming (without GUIs, for GUI applications I still use kdevelop).

I heard about NetBeans evolutions and I think I'll give it a try some day.

BTW, Thanks for reading my blog; I wish I could read yours but I have some problems with your language which I don't speak (neither read ;-)

Tim Biden said...

As I'm relatively new to the Linux world I have only used Fedora 3&4 and Ubuntu Edgy Eft with GNOME up to this point but I may have to switch on my next install.

I haven't tried Kubuntu yet but I will soon. Cool!!! I love trying new things. =)

Thanks for the post!

betto said...

hope you enjoy KDE then :-)

Marc said...

Nice review. I have recently installed Kubuntu and I am really impressed. I moved from Fedora Core 5, and main difference is everything works out of the box, even Sun's Java installed no problems. I too recommend NetBeans, although I don't develop GUI applications I have heard it's suppose to be good.

betto said...

Nice comparison with Fedora, Marc!
I definitely agree :-)