Monday, March 31, 2008

Nokia n800: my new toy

Here's my new toy, the Nokia N800! Isn't it wonderful? :-)

It's a sort of tablet handheld PC with wireless and bluetooth connectivity and lots of multimedia features which really rock!

I must thank Matteo Baldoni, my colleague from University of Torino (or should I say "blame" ;-) that convinced me to buy this gadget, which is pretty useful for surfing the web, reading my email, listening to web radios, using remote calendars, watching movies and all those sorts of things you can find in the very supported site

However, what really pushed me to buy this small computer it's the fact that it has a Linux operating system, which, you should have learned by now, I'm in love with ;-)

I have the linux shell I can play with! I have the apt Debian package manager! I really praise Nokia for adopting this operating system, which also lets many already existing open source programs be easily portable (and already ported) to this device!

I must admit that writing with the small touchpad keyboard on the screen might not be comfortable all the time, but you can still do that (you can enable the bigger on screen keyboard where you can touch the virtual keys with your fingers, or you can switch to handwriting).

Well, the next step is now to start developing for this device, using the Maemo SDK!

Here are some final screenshots!

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