Saturday, May 03, 2008

Konqueror instead of Dolphin

I've always loved KDE, but the latest file manager introduced with KDE 4, i.e., Dolphin... well... I just can't stand it. I prefer using Konqueror, the powerful Konqueror. However, after an upgrade of the system, although I was using Konqueror, when clicking on a folder it was using Dolphin to open it... really bad.

Fortunately, it was (relatively) easy to revert to the old behavior, and in particular, to set Konqueror as the default application for folders!

You need to run KControl (kcontrol from the command line) and then choose "File Associations" under "KDE Components", then select "inode" and "directory". Here, you only need to move up Konqueror in the list "Application Preference Order". Hope this helps.


JDS said...

Thank you, fixed my problem.

I concur: Dolphin doesn't quite "suck" but Konqueror is so much better.

Mr.galle said...

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rickyrockrat said...

Thanks. I've pretty much despised Dolphin from the first. Much better now.

Miguel said...

This post it's a little bit old, but just wanted to thank you, helped me a lot!!

betto said...

Miguel, happy to hear that! :-)