Sunday, August 24, 2008

PhpBibliography 0.5: RSS & DBLP import

It is with great pleasure that I announce this new release of PhpBibliography!

First of all, I really need to thank Ezio Bartocci, a PhD candidate of University of Camerino, Complex System Research Group, who did a wonderful job in implementing the two new main features of this release: RSS and DBLP import.


Basically, every query page now also generates an RSS link that can be used to subscribe to that specific result as an RSS feed. Of course, that feed is dynamic, so each time your RSS reader will look for updates, the system will actually run the query again. This is pretty useful to generate an RSS feed for a specific author's papers.

For instance, this is the output of my papers, and you can see the RSS link on the right that can be used to subscribe to my papers feed. As soon as a new paper of mine is added to the system, the RSS reader will catch that. And this is the direct RSS feed.

DBLP paper import

The other cool feature that Ezio implemented is the possibility of importing papers directly from DBLP, the Computer Science Bibliography, using the bibtexs of this site.

This feature is still experimental and we will have to twickle it a little bit, but it seems to work for most of the cases.

You'll be asked to insert your name and surname. After you inserted the author's name and surname,

the DBLP site will be queried and all the author's found papers will be presented to the user; the system will already check which papers are similar
to those already present in the database; if a similar paper is found in the database that entry will not be automatically selected for the import (and will be highlighted in red); the other papers will be automatically selected for import.

The user will then be able to further select all the papers to import, and
press the import button (it is also possible to select all the papers or all the papers of a specific year). Note that the procedure might require some time. Finally, you'll be able to edit each single paper imported through this procedure.

Note that the bib items of DBLP might not produce such nice paper records in phpbibliography, especially when they cross reference other bib items (also shown as a result, but not inserted in the data base); you'll probably need to modify such imported papers using the additional information in the cross referenced bib item. We are working on how to solve this little issue.

Again, let me thank Ezio once again! Not only he did a great job, but it was also very funny to work with him through instant messaging :-)

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