Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 beta on a Dell Latitude D630

I've been using this laptop, a Dell Latitude D630 for more than one year now, and I've always used Kubuntu (but always up to 8.04). Today, I decided to give a try to Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 (still in beta); I preferred Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu because the same version of Kubuntu has a bug at the end of the installation process which does not let you decide whether to install the boot loaded on a specific partition instead of the MBR.

I tested the system live first, and experienced no problems. Thus, I installed it on the hard disk (on another partition, since I'm still keeping the kubuntu 8.04 installation).

The first nice thing I noticed was that now it's much easier to select your time zone, and the Region and City lists are neater (you can select the time zone with a few clicks now).

Also the suggestion of the keyboard layout works fine!

Then we come to the partitioning step:

where I preferred to do a manual partitioning (having already some existing partitions I needed to keep):

I also specified to mount my other linux installation in a specific directory

The installation also offers the possibility of importing existing accounts (note that it detected windows and other Linux installations), but I preferred not to.

Then, before starting the installation...

remember to click on the advanced button, to setup the boot loader as you prefer, otherwise it will be installed on the MBR.

Now, since I already have grub installed (from my main kubuntu 8.04 installation), and want to keep that that way, I chose to install the ubuntu boot loader on the first sector of the installation partition (in my case (hd0,5) or /dev/sda6):

Now, I'm read to start the installation:

Of course, I had to change the grub menu.lst file of my main linux kubuntu 8.04 installation in order to add a menu item to boot this new Linux installation:
title        Ubuntu Jaunty
root (hd0,5)
chainloader +1
By selecting this grub menu item, I can boot the new Jaunty installation.

The first impression was really good! Everything seems to work fine: ethernet (Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5755M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 02)), wireless (Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)), bluetooth, graphic card (Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)) with special effects on!

It also looks like the infamous bug concerning too many load/unload cycles is not there anymore!

Stay tuned, as I'll keep this post up to date with new information :-)


Andrea Grandi said...

I'm going to try installing Ubuntu 9.04 on a second partition on the first hard disk, but I've this particular configuration: my actual /home is composed by two devices in RAID1 (mirror), and I've searched around it's not so easy to add it. I should try to re-compose the RAID array or something similar, but I fear to scratch something on my data! Any suggestion?!

betto said...

mh... I'm afraid I never had to deal with RAID... can't you just resize the disk with gparted, for instance?

akulbe said...

I've had better luck with WiCD than the stock "Network Manager"

That's just my $.02

I just installed Jaunty on the same model.

Suspend/Hibernate doesn't work for me. What's your experience been?

betto said...

for me suspend/hibernate worked fine... what is the problem you're experiencing?

Arte con Luz said...

I am going to upgrade a Latitude D630 from 8.10 to 9.04. Do you know if the internal mic is now working with the default installation on 9.04 (specifically with skype. Thanks!

betto said...

ehm... I didn't even know there was an internal mic! Where is it?

Arte con Luz said...

the omni directional internal mic is near the speaker (there is no label).
What mic setup do you use for video chat (I want to use skype).

Abhishekam Narayana said...

[Errno 5] Input/output error

This particular error is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the CD/DVD, to burn the CD/DVD at a lower speed, to clean the CD/DVD drive lens (cleaning kits are often available from electronics suppliers), to check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or to move the system to a cooler environment.

I am facing this error while installing 9.04 here on my laptop... Can any of you please help me???

cheap computers said...

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