Friday, May 08, 2009

Goodbye ATI, welcome NVIDIA

I recently bought a new desktop, a slim one: the HP Pavilion slimline, which I've really enjoyed since the very first moment! It is very small, compact, silent, and it provides basically everything!

When I bought it I noticed that it was endorsed with an ATI graphical card, but I said to myself "ATI? Never owned one... but it is well supported in Linux as far as I remember..." Gosh I was quite wrong!

If supported means that you need to get stuck with 2d or experience very sloooow motions in 3d then, it is right, it is supported, otherwise... :'(

I had always had nice experiences with Nvidia, and I didn't want to give up compiz special effects (after all I have a powerful desktop!), so after a quite hard research to find someone selling an Nvidia lowprofile graphic card, I substituted that crap of ATI with an Nvidia GE-FORCE 8400 GS graphical card, and now everything works like magic, with a very fluent graphic!

Of course, Ubuntu provides the driver for that! Well it did it also for ATI, but that driver really sucks!

I'll never buy another computer again if endorsed with an ATI, this is for sure! :-)

1 comment:

Andrea Grandi said...

Good choice ;)
I've a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GS, very happy with it :)