Monday, September 28, 2009

Source-Highlight-Qt 0.2

The release 0.2 of Source-Highlight-Qt is out! Source-Highlight-Qt is a library for performing syntax highlighting in Qt documents by relying on GNU Source-Highlight library.

The main new features are (besides some bugfixes):

  • You can customize colors in the color dialog also for elements not defined in the current style
  • A new dialog for source-highlight settings is now provided (see the screenshot)
  • A combo box is provided also for selecting the output format of highlighting
  • Some functionalities are provided for generating a .style file (e.g., starting from the settings of the color and style dialog)
  • Some message boxes can be used to display source-highlight exceptions

Basically, all the new additions were functional for the new software I released (I'll blog about that in the next few days): QSource-Highlight, i.e., a Qt4 graphical interface for source-highlight itself :-)

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