Tuesday, August 03, 2010

PhpBibliography 1.1.0

This new release of PhpBibliography features some nice features:

  1. First of all, themes are now supported so that the user can create his own theme (which will not be overwritten during phpbibliography updates), see this wiki page
  2. icons for known file extensions are shown for uploaded papers (see the screenshot)
  3. uploaded papers can be removed during editing
  4. the action menu was improved with tooltips
  5. search results can be shown also as bibtex


Peterbus said...


I'm going to use your great Bibliography programm. Although during the testing I'm encountering a puzzling problem:
Sometimes after entering the data for a new paper and pressing submit I'm getting redirected to the login page with the comment that I had to be logged in to submit (This does not happen always and the incidents are fewer when using Chrome rather than FF). Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

betto said...

Glad you're using phpbibliography :)

the situation you're talking about is related to the expiration of cookie, i.e., your login session has expired... I think the time can be tweaked in the config.php, but I never tried that.

Peterbus said...

Thank you for your speedy reply! Are you reffering to the config.php located in the cake subfolder, or the configure.php (also somwhere within the cake folder)?

Within the configure.php I found some entries related to expiration, but changing the values did not fix the problem.

betto said...

actually I'm referring to app/onfig/core.php and in particular to this part:

* Session time out time (in seconds).
* Actual value depends on 'Security.level' setting.
Configure::write('Session.timeout', '120');

Peterbus said...

Great! Seems to work (I actually edited this part, but in the wrong place there is another core.php). I can't say for sure if this is the fix, and a friend of mine gave me another lead. Could it be related to Serverside deletion of the sessions created with each login? (Just in case the core.php edit does not fix it in the long run)

Peterbus said...

Hey my friend, it's me again.

My Database has grown greatly since I've posted here the last time. I'm now experiencing some new problems and I hope you might be able to help me.

The thing is: For some time now files are no longer uploaded. The process is finished and you see a blank "Add Paper" page but the file is nowhere to be found (I'm always uploading Info+a PDF). Most of the times it does not even give an error message. If it does it reads something like this "application/force download is not an acceptable file type". Not knowing what it was I added "force download" to the accepted list in the app/app_controller.php. Sadly I didn't backup the app_controller.php and I have seem to overwritten the file with the original ohne. Now it only says "Error: The requested address '/' was not found on this server." no matter what site I try to access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I didn't make myself clear, please let me know so I might try to rephrase.

betto said...

Hi there, glad to hear from you again :)

you can simply replace the app_controller.php with the one which comes with the distribution and you should be fine.

As for the uploading problem, I don't understand what the reason might be... do you get the problem with only a specific pdf file?

have you run out of space in the server?

is the pdf file too big?


Peterbus said...

I've tried overwriting the app_controller.php with the one that comes with the programm, but still the error persits. I've deleted everything in the tmp folders aswell and set the permissions again. Still it says the same thing. (I've tried to find a solution but everything was connected to cake.php of which I don't really have a working knowledge)

I really don't know what the problem with the uploads was. It wouldn't upload files ranging from 0.5MB to 255mb so I don't thing the size is the issue here. The Server has enough space levt in any case and the apache logs didn't state any errors. I'm quite amiss here.

PS: Man you're fast ^^ I love that :)

betto said...

Please try with a brand new fresh phpbibliography installation (keep the database of course :)

by the way, the contents of tmp should not be removed: you should leave the structure of subdirectories inside tmp directory.

Peterbus said...

well. I'd hoped to avoid this, but I shall try. Also: I left the subfolders untouched, only the files they contained were deleted. I'll report back in a short while. Maybe the upload issue gets fixed, too.

Peterbus said...

Alright. I've created a fresh install (keeping the files and the database). I've tried to upload a PDF file and get this error again:

filename cannot be uploaded:application/force-download is not an acceptable type.

Tried another file (also pdf) and it simply returned to add new paper without any message at all.

Back to square one (at least everything is accessible again :>)

Any idea where this might come from?

Peterbus said...

Hey there, me again.

I'm still experiencing the strange behaivior. Either it give the force/download error message or it simply doesn't do anything after the upload is finished. Is there maybe some sort of limit to the number of entries? Because the db is well over 850 entries + files.

Any suggestions maybe? It'd be really appreciated :)

Thank you for your work in any case :)

betto said...

Peter, have you tried using a different browser for paper upload?

as far as I know there's no specific limit...

but is the paper record added anyway? I mean, is it just that the pdf file is not uploaded or the paper record is not created at all?

you may want to temporarily enable debugging in app/config/core.php

Configure::write('debug', 2);

betto said...

please, also have a look at this


Peterbus said...

Thank you for your reply :)

Well I've tried the following: FF 7.0 -> Worked once correctly with a rather small file. Didn't work with a bigger file or any file thereafter.

Tried Chrome and IE Both didn't work at all. Debug Mode was in place with all three tests. Didn't get any error message and there is no entry neither in the database nor has the file been saved to the file folder.

Entries without an attachment seem to work, though (tried only FF but I don't see why it shouldn't work with the other ones).

So it is linked to uploading files while making entries (which is the main porpouse for me using the database).

Any further suggestions?

(also: I've looked at the link you've provided but since it didn't work with either IE nor Chrome I'm not sure if the error is FF only)

Peterbus said...

I've also checked the mime type of the files in question but it's plain pdf which is allowed within the database and has worked over 800 times. It simply stopped +.+

betto said...

Peter I don't know what this could be...

you may now want to try another thing:

install another brand new version of phpbibliography with another empty database and see whether the problem persists in the new database...

if everything is fine with the empty database you can then try to import the old database into the new one...

and see whether the problem depends on the number of records...

have you done a system upgrade recently, that might have broken mysql/php?

are you using an external hosting system (which may limit your space usage)?

Peterbus said...


I'm sorry to reply so late, while you are always soo fast. Had a lot on my plate lately. I was thinking to move it to a completely different server, just to rule out the server as a variable in this.

Space is no issue, yet. Plenty left.

I will report back, once I have moved it to another server.

Peterbus said...

Hey there!

I've moved my DB to another server (to which I have root access). I've edited the core.php as you've suggested in a earlier post. The DB is running but here we go again:

FF won't let me upload any files it just says "appplication/force download" not permitted. So far so good, I switched to Chrome and it worked for small files (under 5MB) when I go for bigger files it simply returns me to a blank "add new paper" page. No entry has been created.

(I should add, that I've imported the old SQL DB and the filed)

I you want to, I could give you FTP access to my server so you could look into it yourself.

Peterbus said...

I have to add, just did some further testing. The accepted filesize seems to be 8MB (no more, even 200kb more is too much).

Maybe there is some sort of limitation within the apache server. I'll look into this.