Tuesday, January 02, 2007

GNU Gengetopt 2.19

Happy New Year :-)

I've just released the new version of GNU Gengetopt 2.19: http://www.gnu.org/software/gengetopt.

This release basically fixes some bugs such as:

  • Wherever they can be specified, strings can spawn more than one line and contain escaped " (e.g., \");
  • with --long-help the optional options are correctly printed between [];
  • Now --no-handle-help correctly handles also --full-help (thanks to Gyozo Papp), i.e., when --no-handle-help is specified in gengetopt, the generated command line parser will not handle automatically the --full-help, but will allow the programmer to do so;
  • automatically generated usage strings are now correctly wrapped.
Besides these bug fix, some enhancements were added (basically based on users requests):
  • usage string can be specified by the programmer in the .ggo file, thus overriding the one generated automatically by gengetopt;
  • the programmer can also specify in the .ggo file a description string that will be printed after the usage string, in the --help output;
  • configuration files can include other configuration files (thanks to David Bird), using the include keyword
  • the option --show-required was added: if specified to gengetopt, the generated help output will print the string "(mandatory)" after the description of each required option; you can also specify the string that has to be printed, instead of the default "(mandatory)"
These new features should make the code produced by gengetopt (in particular, with these features, the generated output of --help) more customizable. Since now you can use purpose, usage and description as you see fit.

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