Saturday, January 06, 2007

Please, don't eject my music player!

Before you start reading, this is NOT a serious post. I've been using an Acer MP-320 as an mp3 player (kind of Ipod) for a few years now, and I've never experienced problems, not even with Linux, which sees this reader as an hard disk, so that I don't have to resort to strange (or even worse, proprietary) tools to access it and store files in it. I hadn't been using it for a while, and today I connected it to my linux laptop and KDE successfully recognized it, mounted it and opened a file manager window to access it. After I was done copying files to it, I right clicked on the desktop icon for my device and chose "safely remove". The device was unmounted, but the system notified me that it couldn't eject it... I would say "thank God you cannot eject it"... I was thinking of my laptop throwing the player out of the window... LOL ;-)

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