Friday, February 23, 2007

Grab the content of the html body in Php

It's quite usual to use the include function of php to include html files into another html or php file. In order for the resulting output to be a correct html output, the html header should appear only once (and outside the body). Thus, the included html files should not contain the header, but only the body contents. If, however, you write all these html pieces using a WYSIWYG editor, these html will end up having their own header.

Thus, when including these html pieces from a php file, you should strip header (and closing html tags), and get only the contents included in the body tag. By using regular expressions it's pretty easy to do that.

This is my simple implementation:


* Returns the body content of the specified HTML file.
* @param string $filename
* @return string
function getbody($filename) {
$file = file_get_contents($filename);

$bodypattern = ".*<body>";
$bodyendpattern = "</body>.*";

$noheader = eregi_replace($bodypattern, "", $file);

$noheader = eregi_replace($bodyendpattern, "", $noheader);

return $noheader;



Stijn said...


I am not very good in PHP, but would love to grab a body from another server. For example, if a would like to grab the body of: "" , how will the PHP code look like????

Could you help me and give this in an example? Thanx,


betto said...

well... you just need to call the above function in a php script...

Stijn said...

Thanx Bretto,

But I am a real newbe... :(

Isn't it possible to include a little script in the HTML of my own page. So just a few lines in the html of the page example.php?

Where do I have to place the ""?

Thanx again!

betto said...

All you need to do is to create a php file (say example.php) with the following content:

... copy the function getbody ...

echo getbody("");

remember to put anything between the php tags (i.e., < ? php and the closing ? > I cannot put it into this post since the system does not allow it)

is this what you needed?

Anonymous said...

echo getbody("page.html");

this is not equal to


If you have php code inside page.html, this code is not processed!

is there a method for this case?

betto said...

you're right about that, but I don't know a solution for this case...

cafeine said...

very nice code....

as far as Anonymous can not have php code inside a html document .... you must save it as .php and then run the getbody()


Adendum said...

How would you handle this now that eregi_replace has been deprecated.

I've struggled trying to replicate this using preg_replace because it is looking for delimiters.

Any clues?

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the script, it is working for me !!