Monday, August 27, 2007

Amarok can't play mp3 files

My favorite linux player, Amarok, stopped working (playing mp3 files) after an upgrade! It kept on complaining that the xine engine was not able to play mp3 files. I had checked and all the right packages seemed to have been installed.

However, I found the solution here, you need to install libxine1-plugins package (together with its dependences) and everything comes back to life :-)


Sid said...

Thanks, your post saved my day.

betto said...

Glad to hear this! :-)

Anonymous said...

dude i looked every where and everybody had some long way to fix it that i can't understand but this was like 10sec and i got mp3 back to amarok it's the best in Linux but I'm still looking for i-tunes for my ipod but thanx alot man.

betto said...

I don't have an ipod but I'm sure I heard that you can use it with amarok... or probably I didn't get the question?

Big ben said...

hey man, linux: so you knew about the bossa conference in brazil? were you there?
Nyway, if you want ideas on
mp3 storage and sharing, check out i got my bossa nova and indie rock fix from there!
Two candidates for 2nd best mp3 player?

Maya said...

Thank you. I love you. This saved my day.

Patrick Hage said...

when some packages is missed, amarok should notify, so just be sure that you have the "System Tray" in a Panel or as a widget. For example you should be asked for download the mp3 support.