Monday, September 17, 2007

Italian Hyphenation in OpenOffice (Debian)

I'm using LaTeX for most of the time for my writings, but for simple and small documents (e.g., letters) I prefer to rely on OpenOffice. I'm actually Italian, but I write most of my documents in English... sometimes, though, I have to go back to my mother tongue ;-) Thus, I wanted to use hyphenation in OpenOffice, under Debian, and so I installed the related packages, in particular,

Unfortunately, hyphenation still did not work... Then, Kent West, in the debian-user mailing list, told me to install hyphenation packages directly from OpenOffice, and it worked! (Thank you Kent!)

I had never used such functionalities in OpenOffice, and they work great! I used the menu File->Wizards->Install Dictionaries and it does most of the work automatically, you just need to retrieve the list of available dictionaries and choose the one you want. Then, you'll find the corresponding dictionary in Options->Language Settings->Writing Aids.

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Chyntt said...

You're welcome; glad to help.

Kent West