Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eclipse Ganymede

I finally took the time to give a try to the new version of eclipse: 3.4, codename "Ganymede".

I've been using it only for a few days now, but I was really impressed :-)

It looks like it's a little bit faster in many operations (but this might be an impression).

But what I really appreciated now, is the new update mechanism. Although the previous update (and also install new features) procedure was not bad in the previous versions, it still required to select manually the mirrors if you wanted to make sure the get a fast one, or simply rely on its automatically mirror selection feature, which, however, never chose the right mirror, at least for me.

Moreover, you first had to wait that all the update sites to be contacted, or select only a few sites in advance; if something went wrong, you needed to start again.

Well, now once you select the software update menu, you have a single windows with two tabs; the first one shows the installed plugins (really useful to have it in this place) and possibly update them, and the second one for installing new ones.

Moreover, you can inspect each single update site and its provided features directly from this window (and no mirror selection is required):

Really really much much better now :-)

Eclipse rocks! :-)


Bobrot said...

It rocks until whatever mirror is selected for you doesn't have the updates. Then with no option to change the sucks.

betto said...

mh... I never experienced that actually

Dave said...

It also sucks when it chooses a really slow, far-away mirror for one or two files of your 300Mb download, and then falls over when those files cannot be downloaded. Bring back the old update mechanism; equinox p2 sucks!!!