Sunday, July 13, 2008

Videos on Ipod

I finally got an Ipod classic! I was quite skeptical about this music player, but since the price went down, and the giga bytes up, I decided to get an Ipod classic 80 gb, and I'm really enjoying it. However, I cannot say the same about the way I can access it. For the moment, I couldn't access it with Linux (well, I actually accessed it with amarok, added new files, deleted some, changed playlists, only to find out that afterwards the Ipod did not see any music, and I had to restore it; I'll work on this anyway), so I had to resort to Itunes.

I'll talk about some problems about this probably next time. The real sad surprise was that I just couldn't add videos on the Ipod (not even on Itunes), since you need to convert it to the required format. Actually the documentation does not say much, but you need another program for the convertion (actually, I'm not talking about the stuff you might buy on Itunes store).

After the disappointment about the converter I found here, which basically does not work at all for me, since it crashes after taking quite a long time even for a simply video of about 10 minutes, I tried this other one (which is also free): Videora converter.

This program is actually really full of ads (it contains a browser), but it does what you need, and it's actually quite fast!

But watch out Italians: you will probably get a terrible 10000 error when you start the conversion. It looks like it does not like the way dates are expressed (dd/mm/yyyy), so you need to change your regional setting from the Control Panel, and set it to English (at least when you need to use this program).

After this everything works fine, and after the conversion, you'll be able to import the generated mov file into Itunes and/or into the Ipod.

By the way, videos on Ipod really rock! :-)


Ann said...

I use MelodyCan converter. It is a powerful Video Converter. This software converts avi (Windows Video), WMV (Windows Media Video) and m4v, mov, aac, ra, aa, mp4, snd, aif, m4p, rax, wav, ogg etc.

betto said...

yes, but it's not free, is it?

Anonymous said...

Ma usare iTunes che è il programma più bello sulla faccia della terra?! :)

betto said...

Mah... questione di opinioni... Amarok e' parecchio superiore :-)