Monday, December 22, 2008

PhpBibliography 0.6

The new release of PhpBibliography is out!

First of all, this release fixes a very bad bug, discovered by Ezio Bartocci: in the merge authors procedure, the system did not check whether the two authors were exactly the same (i.e., the same id), and this used to lead to the removal of the author as the final step of the procedure, which was really bad. This is now fixed in this new release.

Concerning new functionalities:

  • a procedure for trying to detect duplicate papers is now available (it can also use the SOUNDEX algorithm); this will present possible duplicate papers, and let the user select those that are actually duplicate ones;
  • as for the main page, it is now possible to group papers also according to the years (an example can be found at my home page);
  • by default, papers are ordered by descending year, so that the most recent papers are shown first (this should be the most common wanted behavior);
  • a modification timestamp is automatically added to papers, and this timestamp is used as a sorting criterion when showing papers (the papers most recently modified are shown first)
  • another desirable feature is now available: when listing papers in administration mode (i.e., when you're logged), a direct edit/delete link is always shown;
  • each paper can be now marked as private, meaning that that specific paper will be shown only to logged users;
  • as for the DBLP import procedure, this was improved: when there is a cross reference (typically concerning the proceeding book where the paper was published), which is separate from the paper's own bibitem, the system will merge the two bibitems, so that the resulting inserted paper will contain all the information.
Finally, in the previous release 0.5 announcement, I forgot to mention that phpbibliography makes use of AJAX technology to perform some checks during the insertion/modification of a paper through the HTML form; in particular, it shows some warning messages for possible duplicate fields (e.g., title, bibtex key, etc.) and error messages when the type of the field is not correct (e.g., non numeric years). These messages are shown right under the field, upon leaving that field, as shown in the following screenshots:

The user specifies a non-numeric year

and the system checks it as soon as it leaves that field.

The same holds for instance for the title, but this time it's just a warning (since you can have two papers with the same title, e.g., one can be an extended version):

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