Friday, October 17, 2008

CVS, Eclipse and Sabayon

When I started to play with Sabayon I started to struggle with a problem using Eclipse and CVS (on a local repository).

I kept on getting this error (using extssh):

Problems reported while synchronizing CVS Workspace. 0 of 1 resources  were synchronized.
Unknown response received from cvs server:
On many parts on the web I had read that this is usually due to a "misbehaving" cvs client, typically under windows, or a misbehaving ssh client (again under windows), but since I'm using Linux...

Well, it turns out that the cvs binary that is shipped with Sabayon is not compiled with the --enable-server flag, which is the default for cvs program. Installing cvs using emerge does not solve the problem, because, again, that flag is not enabled by default.

Thus, you need to enable it, adding the line
dev-util/cvs server
to the file /etc/portage/package.use. I've also opened a bug report; hope this saves some headaches to eclipse users :-)

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