Thursday, October 30, 2008

Share your bookmarks with Foxmarks

I fell in love with foxmarks as soon as I started using it, as I had already said in this blog :-)

It looks like lately they've added some new cool features, in particular, what stroke me most was the possibility of sharing only specific folders of your bookmarks (actually, I've just discovered this feature, but it might have been around for some time now...)

If you go to your bookmarks in the foxmarks site, you can see the "Share" menu, and after you selected a specific folder you can share it (including subfolders):

Then you can provide your friend with the public link to see that specific bookmark folder (which, of course, will be kept up to date when you modify the bookmarks in that folder), and also an RSS link!

They also provide you with html or javascript code that you can add to your site or blog to show a nice widget with some of those bookmarks!

Isn't it nice? I find this feature delici... ehm... really amazing ;-)

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