Thursday, October 12, 2006

Code2blog: Source-highlight frontend

Jim Storch,, wrote a frontend for Source-highlight, that can be used to highlight on-the-fly a program so that the formatted form (HTML) can be easily copied and then pasted in your blog. This frontend is written using Python (version 4) and pyGTK.

You can find it here

I started to use it and like it very much!
Well done Jim! :-)


Dr. Beco said...

Hi there. Thanks for the tip. Do you have some other tip how to insert code into oo Presentation 3.2 (linux ubuntu 10.04). I don't see how to insert HTML into oo Presentation. Maybe insert another kind of object? (I don't mean screenshot, that is too bad).

Thanks any help on the subject!

betto said...

I'm afraid I don't use openoffice for presentations... but I think you can copy and paste html (e.g., from a browser), can't you?

Note that in the meantime I personally released another frontend: