Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gentoo, Cups & Foomatic (stopped with status 22)

I've been using the Linux distribution Gentoo for a long while now and I've always enjoyed (and in spite of what I read on some web sites, I found it the most performant distribution). Packages are installed by compiling sources and thus it might take quite a long time to set up or upgrade a system, but then it's quite easy to maintain.

For some days I've been struggling with Cups when I was trying to install a Xerox printer, a Phaser 4500 DT (by using the drivers found on their website): everything is installed fine but when I tried to print something, nothing happened :-(

By taking a look at the log /var/log/cups/error_log, I found this line:

PID 7265 stopped with status 22
By searching on Google I didn't find much, but someone mentioned a similar problem due to missing footmatic packages...

Well, installing foomatic with
emerge foomatic
solved everything :-)

I hope this avoids some headache to other facing the same problem!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! It worked for me also.
As I used a PPD file from for my Samsung ML-1210, I decided to use the following USE flag:
USE="ppds" emerge foomatic
I havn't tried it without the flag.

betto said...

Happy to hear this! :-)
I don't know about the USE flag (I'm not using it, but it is probably set by default).
Hope to see you round here again

alejandro said...

The foo2zjs drivers for HP Laserjet 1020 are requesting that I install foomatic also, but seems that it's no longer on the portage tree! :O
Any clue?

betto said...

alejandro, I haven't been using gentoo for a long time, so I don't what to say... isn't there a replacement for foomatic?