Thursday, October 05, 2006

PhpBibliography 0.3 - web based bibliography system

I've released version 0.3 of PhpBibliography,, a web based bibliography system.

PhpBibliography allows you to publish your bibliography online (and to edit it via web). It is implemented in Php and uses MySql. This is free software, open source, released under GPL.

The main features of the system are:

  • stores all papers details in a SQL database
  • handles uploads of files (e.g., .pdf of papers)
  • automatically generate bibitems
  • supports insertion of papers through existing bibitems
  • allows paper search and filter (e.g., authors, title, keywords, etc.) mechanisms
Papers are publicly visible but can be modified only via an authentication mechanism (based on users and passwords).

Papers are all stored in a common database, and can then later be filtered according to a specific authors so that each author can show his/her own papers in his/her own page (for instance at the papers shown are collected from two different phpbibliography installations; the papers are included in this webpage by using a remote URL inclusion mechanism by specifying, in URL the filter criteria -- in this case, the filter is to show only my papers).

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