Friday, October 20, 2006

Eclipse & LaTeX: TeXlipse

I've been using this plugin, TeXlipse,, for few days and already love it! It's a plugin that adds Latex support to the Eclipse IDE. It is not a WYSIWG editor (which somehow is in contrast with the pilosophy of LaTeX, I think); however it has many great features that help you a lot when writing latex documents, e.g., syntax highlighting, code completion (especially for macros and bibtex, which is great!) and also shows the dvi with xdvi highlighting the part of the document where you're at in the sources. Give it a try! :-)


Dieter said...

Just installed it and hey it works, but I discovered when viewing documents, xdvi is launched, very nice, but the product has not the TOC included.
You're having that problem too ?

betto said...


Probably you should run latex once again in order to have the toc generated.

please, let me know!